Painting Commissions

There’s nothing like having an original watercolor painting created just for you. Whether it’s a favorite family vacation destination or that special place you proposed to your spouse, art is the perfect memory keeper.

I accept landscape painting commissions on a case-by-case basis, based on my current schedule or ability to complete your project. To inquire about custom work, please contact me with details including the painting size, subject you are interested in.

Process & Terms

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  • I will work with you to come up with a general mockup of how the painting will look before I begin.
  • Once I have your approval, a non-refundable 20% deposit is due before I begin painting.
  • I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the painting. When it’s finished, I will send you a photo.
  • The final painting is yours, but as the artist, I retain all rights to the image.  That means it may not be reproduced in any way.

Reference Photos

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In order to complete the commission, I will need several really clear reference photos:

  • A clear image composed as you would like the final painting to look (it’s hard to get into someone else’s head and “see” what they see).  
  • A bright, clear day with direct light on the subject works best for crisp details and strong shadows.
  • For larger paintings, close up photos of different details really helps.
  • The more visual information I have, the better the final painting will be.
  • I’m an avid photographer, so it’s entirely possible that I may have a reference photo to suit you. I may also be able to take fresh photos myself, depending on the location.
  • If you admire a painting I’ve done in the past, I may be able to paint something similar (not exactly the same).

Sizes & Prices

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Here are some popular size options (paintings are unframed).

  • 5×7″ – $180 commission (recommend framing to 8×10″)
  • 8×12″ – $490 commission (recommend framing to 12×16″)
  • 12×18″ – $1,100 commission (recommend framing to 18×24″)
  • 14×21″ – $1,500 commission (recommend framing to 20×28″)
  • 22×30″ – $2,800 commission (recommend framing to 28×36″)


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Commissioned paintings do not include a mat or frame. Your local framer will provide expert advice to help you choose both so they beautifully enhance your decor and personal style aesthetic.I’m always happy to offer suggestions.


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  • Landscapes only, please.  People and pets are way out of my skillset (trust me on this!).
  • The larger the painting, the more detailed it will be.
  • When you’re thinking about the frame size, you should add an additional 2-4″ on each side to account for the frame width.
  • Use printer paper taped together to give you a sense of scale.  You can even tape it to your wall and live with it for a few days to help you visualize how the size would work.  I recommend this trick for gallery walls as well.


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How long does a commission take?

I generally have a queue of paintings, so there may be a wait of a month or more. Sometimes I’m able to start custom work right away. The length of time needed to complete a painting depends on the size and complexity of the subject.

What’s the difference between a commission and a regular painting?

The quality is the same, but you get to keep the commission all to yourself. As the artist, I’ll retain the copyright and reproduction rights (normal), but won’t make prints, cards, or anything else from it without your permission.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in a custom painting, please message me through the form below. I usually respond within a few hours. I look forward to hearing from you!


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